I have been asked to write CSS3 For Dummies

FOR DUMMIES - A Branded Imprint of Wiley

Upper Cockenzie, —Hopefully everyone has heard of Dummies books, well in short, I have been approached by a US publisher and asked if I would write an upcoming Dummies title – CSS3 for Dummies.

CSS3 (keeping it simple for non-techies) is a language used to describe the presentation (the look and formatting, colours, fonts, layouts, styles) of a website or web page. CSS3 is the newest standard being developed (CSS = Cascading Style Sheets). Its a web design book Mum!

With more than 200 million books in print and more than 1,600 titles, Dummies is the world’s bestselling reference brand and they have an instantly identifiable and distinctive black-and-yellow cover design. Katie Feltman, Senior Acquisitions Editor for John Wiley & Sons. (owners of the For Dummies brand) said “we are very excited to have Ed as part of the Dummies team!”

Now this may not be big news for non-techies but in my world this is incredible and I am honoured to be working on this book with such a high profile brand and respected publisher. I have not started yet as the contract has only just been agreed, but the book *should* be out later this year (Q4).

I am still in shock myself. Exciting times!

Ed Henderson